Hames Basket


About This Item

A beautiful pair of harness hames with a basket handwoven between will become a focal point in any room. This piece is not only unique but also a very serviceable – holding mail, floral arrangements, towels or anything you’d like in the sturdy basket. The hames length varies with average length measuring approximately 20”and about 15” wide. The basket length is approximately 9”-10” wide and 7” deep. This item has limited availability and hame style may vary, please contact us before ordering. Price includes additional shipping for oversized package.

About Our Baskets

Friday’s Horse Giftware in Maryland is excited to offer these unique baskets to our customers. Each basket is handwoven around an equestrian related item and the basket is then finished with a light stain. These baskets are wonderful to display yet sturdy enough to use. Please be aware that there are minor differences in each basket as they are hand woven, if there is a significant difference from what is shown here we will contact you prior to shipping. Proudly made in Maryland, USA.

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